SWB Reverse Osmosis System

SWB® Reverse Osmosis System (RO)
Is specifically designed & built to the stringent requirements of customers. Step-down of 30, 5, & 1 micro size prefilters are combined with high pressure fiberglass RO membrane vessels for desalinate and purify sea water. High quality Triplex pumps from Germany are used. Simple-to-use control panel for easy maintenance with failsafe relief valve for safety. Powered by 220V AC combined with compact size, this can be used in tight spaces for both industrial and marine applications. Available models such as YOU-2000 (2,000 Litres per day), YOU-4000 (4,000 Litres per day) & YOU-8000 (8,000 Litres per day) Professional technical team is available for installation & servicing anywhere in Thailand.